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5:45 we meet at the San Antonio entrance in FULL UNIFORM, CURRENT BELT, TENNIS SHOES

Please bring a WT shirt to change into after the demo! Parents and families please wear your WT swag!! 😎

Details for Tonight's Game from our liason:

We are a clear bag no bag facility, if they show up with a not approved bag they will be sent back to their car.

All Masks are required for any person on the field for the performance.

Nun Chucks need to be put away and given to their parents after their performance to eliminate any security issues during the game.

We will meet at the Santa Fe Plaza, please have everyone arrive by 5:45 pm to eliminate anyone being late for the performance as it takes a little bit longer to get in through the gates due to the checking bags and metal detectors.

We are a cashless venue, if someone has cash they can head to the advanced window to get a loaded value voucher.

Gris Ponce
Alfredo Y Erika Montoya
Gina Turner


Our Demo will be Friday August 13 at the EP Chihuahuas Baseb...
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