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Demonstration Team 🏅

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Keyla Keyla
March 11, 2022 · joined the group.
Ian Hulings
October 3, 2021 · joined the group.

Please bring your uniforms back if you haven't already done so, and the logo has warped in the was 😔 our supplier will be replacing them! 🥳

Katie Guerra
Sofia Telles

Hi Everyone, the stadium has a new rule in bags. anything larger that 6.5 by 4.5 will not be allowed into the stadium unless it is transparent. This includes purses.

Valerie Vasquez
Gris Ponce

I 10 eastbound is closed!!!

Take local route!!

Valerie Vasquez


Our Demo will be Friday August 13 at the EP Chihuahuas Baseb...
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