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All of our Instructors are Kukkiwon Certified. They are eager to pass on their years of experience and skilled training in Taekwondo to all of our students. Instructors work exclusively with Master Dave outside of normal class times to receive specialized training in teaching and leading to ensure all of Master Dave's programming is up to par with the White Tiger standard of excellence and integrity!

Head Instructor     Jeremey

Head Instructor Jeremey grew up in a Naval family with both parents serving. He then went on to serve 7 years in the Army. Discipline has been a huge part of his life for many years. He started training traditional Taekwondo while living in South Korea and earned his Black Belt through Kukkiwon while living there. He came to El Paso with hopes of continuing his training. After many months and Covid limitations, he found White Tiger, and he knew he finally found his home for Taekwondo. Shortly after, he became an Instructor. Over time and lots of intense training with Master Dave. he eventually became the head instructor for White Tiger Taekwondo. Since then, he has seen students excel with confidence and courage inside and outside of Taekwondo. Parents have told him that they see their students apply what they learn in Taekwondo and put it towards other sports they do as well. Taekwondo has not just become a job; it has become a lifestyle that he also applies as a father to his 3 boys. It helps him with patience, understanding, and kindness.


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